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Brand New Upgrading of Avbuy E-Commerce Platform—How Internet + Professional AV Works?
Reading Times:      Time:2015-09-08
Recently, a professional AV E-commerce platform—Avbuy.com.cn announces a brand new upgrading and re-packaged onlining. Avbuy puts online distribution, procurement and financial service at the core, and provides “Internet+” services including one-stop online distribution and procurement, professional system integration, special selling, crowd-funding and finance payment term, etc. for manufacturers, agent dealers, system integrators and end users.
Professional AV field has always been based on offline sale modes such as conventional IT selling markets, channel agents, integrator etc. Along with the rapid development of Internet, knowing and understanding about the whole industry have been challenged. As early as 2011, Avbuy has started to operate a first Chinese professional AV E-commerce platform, and today, such a time of facing waves of “Internet+”, Avbuy does not rest on its laurels, but decidedly opens an owned E-commerce platform, and attracts and receives entrances of professional AV equipment businesses of various brands and categories.
As instructed by the head of Avbuy—Mr. Xu Feng, Avbuy possesses both a website and a mobile client and Wochat service platform, and we will develop it into the most influential “Internet+” E-commerce integrated service platform in the professional AV field. The platform is not only a product selling collecting-distributing center for manufacturers and agent dealers, but also a service information collecting-distributing center for system integrators and end users.
Preferred brand, 100% certified product
Entered brands of Avbuy are all strictly examined, and cover two major types of audio and video, here, the main products are all famous brands in the professional AV field, all sources of goods are original certified products, and system solution design, construction and installation can be provided.
Returns and exchanges without reasons, perfect after sales
Any goods purchased from Avbuy can be returned or exchanged without any reasons within 7 days, meanwhile, Avbuy will provide perfect after-sale service for purchasers, and product installation, use and later related services all are fully supported by associated technical teams.
E order service, being lifelong free
E order is an online distribution management CRM system specially developed by Avbuy for enterprises, so as to help the enterprises highly-effectively perform online/offline (O2O) order integration and distribution management during Internet era and allow users to conveniently and quickly track the order progress.
Payment term support, alleviating financial pressure
Avbuy also processes various collected data of agent dealers and system integrators by using big data technology to form credit portrait, and cooperates with banks to make the data form a closed cycle so as to obtain the finance support of banks, such that the pressure of stock and client payment term on operating of system integrators and agent dealers can be greatly reduced.
Today, such a time when the waves of “Internet+” begins to challenge more and more conventional industries, the onlining of Avbuy undoubtedly will bring about a new revolution in the professional AV field, and regarding “Internet+professional AV=?”, Avbuy is being providing answers using its own manner.

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