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TICO Zhongdian Chengdu Technology Exchange Center was officially opened
Reading Times:      Time:2013-03-08
In March 1, 2013, TICO Zhongdian Technology Exchange Center was formally opened in Chengdu. United States BIAMP CEO Steve Mezger, North Asia Regional Director Matthew Packer, Greater China Regional Manager Wayne Cheung, Tianchuang Digital Group Chairman Zhou Zhou, TICO Zhongdian Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager Wu Jing attended the launching ceremony. Zhou Zhou and Steve Mezger cut the ribbon for the completion of the Technology Exchange Center. 

TICO Zhongdian Technology Exchange Center in Chengdu is the base on BIAMP products as the core products. According to the Deputy General Manager Zhao Wei, the person in charge of the Technical Exchange Center, TICO Zhongdian Chengdu technology exchange center building is designed in order to carry out the digitizing and networking audio management and the exchange of senior technical in the control systems for the BIAMP AUDIA series and TESIRA series. It is not only to meet the requirements of BIAMP product technology exchange but also to provide the systems research of the large BIAMP digitizing and networking.

As a platform for high-end and cutting-edge technology in the industry,
TICO Zhongdian Chengdu BIAMP technology exchange center is equipped with the high-definition projection display system and powerful network switching systems, including AVB audio network, CobraNet audio network, control network and VOIP telephone network, which can manage and control the entire exchange system at any location.

With the powerful hardware-support, basing on the status of the technical staffs in Chinese market, TICO Zhongdian rely on the  BIAMP company's training system to establish a set of BIAMP product technical training and exchange system which meet the demand of different Technical staffs. The 2013 BIAMP technology exchange program of Tianchuang Chengdu technology exchange center involves a total of 12 BIAMP technology exchanges, among which including eight Audia intermediate technical exchanges, two Audia senior technical exchanges, and two Tesira advanced technology exchanges. 


The completion and running of TICO Zhongdian Chengdu BIAMP technology exchange center is an important opportunity for audio industry to shift gradually from products oriented to the products and technical services oriented, and to improve specialization service capabilities of domestic technical workers in the field of DSP audio technology and network audio technology, and to narrow the gap of China and the international level in the audio industry. TICO Zhongdian attach great attention to the training and put technical service concept into strategic planning which is an important measure to promote the restructuring of the industry. 

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