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Overturning Tradition and Facing Future” TICO at InfoComm2015
Reading Times:      Time:2015-08-31
8th-10th Apr. TICO Digital Group stunningly appeared at InfoComm2015 which held in China National Convention Center with multiply top international audio brands, especially the new future-oriented boundaryaudio application leaving a refreshing impression to the audience presented.
New Positioned Network Media System
Nowadays, network is gradually becoming the backbone of all building systems (lighting, surveillance, HVAC, data, telephone and AV systems). Once all of these kinds of system use network, they are belong to IT. AV system is catching up the spring tide of networking without hesitation. The restarted and repositioned NETWORK MEDIA SYSTEM from BIAMP shows the tendency of integration between AV and IT network.
The newly-launched BIAMP TESIRA FORTE series perfectly complements the TESIRA system. The featured “TICO Intelligent Unified Communication Audio Solution” which consists of TESIRA FORTE and KONFTEL is designed for all high quality enterprise-level remote communication application sranging from individuals, small teams to companies.
Intelligent Conference: Subversive New Products and Systems
On the first day of InfoComm, new members of beyerdynamic Orbis family were grandly introduced to nearly 20 media at TICO booth.The new generation of Orbis digital conference system heavily promoted by beyerdynamic features one-button control unit, individual menu and easy setting upto deliverthe unprecedenteduser convenience. Also, the system is provided with lots of design highlights as customization service, various types of system units, line redundancy, networked connection, smart wiring and secure interfaces. It was its first public release in Mainland China.
For beyerdynamic Quinta wireless conference system, two new products –delegate microphone unit with newly added voting function and wireless handheld microphone were displayed and making the unified managementof the pick-up of a conference system possible.
Besides all the new products, TICO presented a typical application of intelligent mixing conference system consisting of BIAMP and beyerdynamic. This system solves the poor sound qualityof normal conference system and the mismanagement of common gooseneck microphone mixing system. It can provide high-quality natural sound without any compression or quality loss.
Steerable Line Array Loudspeaker System: Breaking Through Traditional Array
The eight IC2arrays–“large-scale steerable line array loudspeaker system” exhibited at Renkus-Heinz area attracted vast attention. Unlike other regular line array loudspeaker, IC2 array features integral DSP with patent directivity algorithms. So that, even vertically installed, it can provide better directivity than curvedly-installed regular line array. As Renkus-HeinzIC2array is networked, self-powered loudspeaker with DSP, it supports remote monitoring and tuning. Its fast remote intelligence settings ensure that it can be quickly put into use for all sites. The digital network transmission reduces line interference and improves sound quality. The advanced DSP algorithms can intelligently control audio in different frequencies, and provide sound as natural as the point source.
In the demonstration area of IC16R-II, the performance of powerful control to its beam wave was fully delivered to the audience by rotating a working column loudspeaker.
Business Application: Perfect Combination of Customization and Profession
Tannoy loudspeakers are well-known in business installation, especially itsacclaimed point source Dual Concentric™ drivers. And its ceiling loudspeakers CMS series and wall-mounted loudspeakers Di series are widely applied around the world. The typical models of ceiling, wall-mounted and column loudspeakers were exhibited at Tannoy area for audition, presenting varied choices for visitors who personally experienced the real quality and effects of different loudspeakers.
In Lab.gruppen area, the featured LUCIA series, E series and IPD series were chosen as main exhibits. Amid these three amplifierseries, LUCIA is a classic work of “small and powerful” for its installation flexibility, compact appearance and lots of features. The wall-mounted LUCIA can be easily concealed in a program. And LUCIA integrates a powerful DSP which can be learned through its structure presentation.
As the most influential distribution platform in domestic professional Audio-Visual and the supplier and service provider of integrated system solutions, TICO Digital Group focuses on professional Audio-Visual for 21 years, and has provided comprehensive integrated system solutions from design, software development, distribution, system integration to operation for customers in education, medical, public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's courts, cultural creativity and political and commercial conferences fields. TICO will firmly follow the guidance of facing future and continuously supply more innovative products, technologies and solutions to more customers in different industries.

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