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    Reading Times:      Time:2015-06-17
    Project Overview 
            Lying on the Abu Dhabi Beach and facing the ocean in the north and the west, the Emirates Palace is a classical Arabic palace-style building. Initially built to hold the meeting of the heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council members in Abu Dhabi, the hotel was formerly known as the “Conference Palace”, and later renamed to the Emirates Palace. With a total of 114 domes at different sizes, the hotel highlights the architectural style favored by Arabians. With an internal floor space of up to 6,000 square meters, the hotel accommodates 302 luxury rooms, 92 suites and 48 conference rooms. The hotel also takes pride in the largest luxury assembly hall in the Middle East, as big as 7,000 square meters. The hall accommodates 1,200 persons and adopts the seven-star AV system.
        Besides satisfying the need to hold meetings, the hall can be rearranged convenient and quickly to achieve other purposes such as theater and music hall. The system realizes the remote control and routing of loud speakers by adopting the Peavey media array, the LonWorks network hub and the R-Control system of Renkus-Heinz.
           The entire hall is equipped with two audio systems. One is the screen channel system applying the JBL 5674 three-way technology. The other system adopts the Renkus-Heinz product. The Renkus-Heinz product has won the contract while Meyer and EAW loud speakers have been included as candidates, mainly because of the CobraNet system and the detailed system design. The entire system was built and installed by the Emirates Palace project team led by Mark Clay. “The Renkus-Heinz product provides a very friendly CobraNet working mode fully from the perspective of engineers. When we use the EASE mode, we will find it offers many options that enable us to configure suitable loud speakers for every part of the system. The three-way loud speaker also makes it possible for us to design the more natural sound system compared to the traditional two-way product,” says Clay. The CobraNet system is employed to realize the audio transmission from the media array system to each loud speaker. The system comprises both sides of the stage, delay, front stage, fill in mezzanines, surround – an indispensable element of the 5.1 theater system. 
        The entire stage system encompasses six Renkus-Heinz ST6/44 loud speakers and 6 PN151/4 loud speakers, all mounted below the stage. 4 PN81/9 loud speakers are used to output bass, while 8 PN61 loud speakers are employed to provide the front fill. The delay system includes 2 PN121 loud speakers arranged in the second lighting row and 4 PN61 loud speakers arranged behind the third lighting row. The surround loud speakers are 24 PN61, 12 on either side of the stage. In addition, 8 loud speakers are used to deliver the fill for the rear rows and mezzanines. 6 PN121M/12 loud   speakers are used to monitor the stage and play the signals transmitted from the Midas console. Mark Clay explains, “Our intent is not to design the entire system into the rock & roll style, but to integrate the VIP conference room and the theater mode to achieve the optimal effect. Renkus-Heinz loud speakers output clear and mild sound, and offers many bass options when films are played. With the Renkus-Heinz loud speakers, we have obtained the best solution easily. I am very glad to have selected Renkus-Heinz, because these loud speakers deliver the fantastic sound, and the manufacturer has provided a great support and help in the project implementation.” 


    RH-PN/PNX Serial Two-way Full Frequency Speaker 

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