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  • Multifunctional Hall of New Headquarters Building of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG)
    Reading Times:      Time:2015-06-16
    In addition to the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, the new headquarters building is another Olympic landmark for the Beijing Olympic Games, which plays a crucial role in the Olympics.    
       There are a large conference room, a multifunctional hall, a VIP room and nine medium-sized conference rooms on the third and fourth floors of the building. The 400M2 large conference room has 50-60 seats and serves for significant meetings and video teleconferences. The 420M2 multifunctional hall to the west of the large conference room can accommodate 300-400 persons and serves for round-table conferences, press conferences, report meetings and small musical activities etc. The VIP room is used for reception. Of the nine medium-sized conference rooms, five are on the third floor and four on the fourth floor. Two conference rooms equipped with public address (PA) and conference systems can be controlled on site or by the main control center, and are used for daily meetings.  
       The digital conference system mainly includes five systems of:
       •Signal dispatch, seat speech and simultaneous interpretation
       The existing equipment is made full use of in building the conference system. According to BOCOG抯 requirements on the conference equipment, the requirements for conference rooms are as below: 
       •Large conference room: systems of projection, PA, simultaneous interpretation and conference;
       •Multifunctional hall: systems of projection, PA system, simultaneous interpretation and conference;
       •VIP room: PA system;
       •Nine medium-sized conference rooms: projection system, with interface for PA and conference systems reserved, PA and conference systems for two of them.
       The digital conference system must have such functions as conference display, PA, seat speech, signal dispatch and simultaneous interpretation.
       Requirements for Cabling System
       The control room at the northeast corner of the multifunctional hall is the main control center, which can control the multifunctional hall and nine medium-sized conference rooms. Another control room is set on the south of the large conference room for the purpose of controlling the large conference room and the linkage control between the multifunctional hall and the large conference room. VIP room is equipped with a simple console to control the site. For the large meeting, multifunctional hall, VIP room and medium-sized conference rooms, audio and video cables shall be well laid to connected to the control room or the console, and additional cables shall be reserved for key parts. Two sets of audio and video cables shall be placed for the medium-sized conference rooms to be connected with the main control center.    
       To facilitate the management of so many interfaces in the conference rooms, comprehensive interface panels shall be equipped in the walls of the multifunctional hall, the medium-sized conference rooms and the VIP room, and a desktop interface set on the conference tables in the large conference room. Some interfaces shall also be reserved in the walls.


       Requirements for Display System
       Real-time, high-definition and high-resolution display of the computer graphics, videotext, data and other video images shall be offered. For daily meetings, all the participants can easily catch the multimedia presentation through the display system.     
       The conference system terminal can be easily accessible for the video and teleconference system and meet its needs. The multifunctional hall and large conference rooms can be used either as the major venue or the branch venue, and the participants can see the situation of local venues and other venues via the display system.
        Requirements for PA System
       The PA system must satisfy the demands of sound amplifier in the large conference room, multifunctional hall, VIP room and medium-sized conference rooms, and offer fine and clear PA effect. The acoustic property index in the large conference room and multifunctional room shall meet 揋rade I PA system for both languages and music?stipulated in the Acoustic Property Index of Public Address System in Halls (GYJ25-86); and the acoustic property index in VIP room and medium-sized conference rooms shall meet 揋rade I index of Public Address system?stipulated in the same standard. 

       Requirements for Signal Dispatch
       The system can realize flexible dispatch of the audio and video signals, including the multimedia presentation, video and teleconference and DVD/VCR signal source. Besides, it can be available for the sharing, synchronization and mutual calling between the RGB and AV signal in the multifunctional hall and large conference room.
       Requirements for Simultaneous Interpretation
       To facilitate foreign affairs communication, booths shall be set in the multifunctional hall and the large conference room and two booths and simultaneous interpretation interfaces reserved. The simultaneous transmission of interpretation in two languages shall be possible.    
       Therefore, the simultaneous interpretation system shall feature steady performance, sound functioning, easy scalability, advanced technology, easy operation and maintenance, and noise suppression.


       In consideration of the development of digital audio and video technology, main requirements for the technology are as follows:
       •Digitized audio: The core audio processing device adopts digital audio mixer, selects the professional equipment integrating equilibrium, incentive and feedback inhibition for peripheral processing, and additionally has the simulation sound source equipment to improve the function of the whole system. 
       •Multimedia video display: The video system, from the front-end processing to the transmission, must meet the standards of high quality and digitized signal. The core matrix processing equipment must be the broadband switching one.
       •We conducted targeted design and designated products for the project due to it particularity. TICO completed the supply, installation and debugging of the whole system and guaranteed the sound operation of various functions as required.
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