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    Reading Times:      Time:2015-06-17
    Project Overview
       The Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is a national 4A scenic spot, a base for patriot education in Beijing, and a large special exhibition hall that exhibits the history, the current status and the future of the urban planning, construction and development of Beijing Municipality in an all-round manner. The exhibition hall has four floors, and covers a floor space of 16,000 square meters and an exhibition area of some 8,000 square meters. Now, the exhibition hall has become a platform of academic exchanges for experts and scholars at home and abroad and an important window to showcase the history, achievements of planning and future objectives of Beijing and China. The city model area in the exhibition hall is the biggest highlight, and one of the biggest city planning models in the world. The entire model area covers an area of nearly 1,300 square meters with a scale of 1:750, and the model itself has an area of 302 square meters. Around the model are the light box pictures aerially shot. At the same time, the toughened glass and metals, which feature strong reflection, account for more than 93% of the spatial surface area of the exhibition hall. 
       As a result, these materials directly lead to the increased reflection area and levels in the 1,300-square-meter broad, bright exhibition hall, and cause a very long mixing time. To resolve this problem, TICO, which has undertaken the construction of the exhibition hall, has performed the frequent comparison and study on the products and technologies at home and abroad, and spared no effort to resolve this issue. 
       In the acoustic environment of a large capacity and a long mixing time, the electric acoustic system is adopted to compensate or improve the acoustic effect mainly by enlarging the energy of the direct sound in the power amplification. We have endeavored to step up the direct sound (namely the D value). It is a common practice to stack a few speakers where the power amplification system needs a higher sound pressure level. However, this practice does work, but it also results into the acoustic interference, which not only influences the sound quality, but also costs more. How to resolve this phenomenon used to be a topic for acoustic engineers, until Renkus-Heinz of America creatively developed the CoEntrant technology at the end of the 20th century. This advanced technology arranges a plurality of high- and medium-frequency speaker drives (branch manifold) into a straight line reasonably and scientifically and adjusts the “time lag” as a result of different frequencies and arrangement spaces so as to assemble the energy of different transducers to form a point sound source, and then use a horn diffractometer to launch the sound. In this way, the speaker can both achieve the maximum sound pressure in the minimum speaker body, and greatly improve the evenness of the distribution of medium and high frequencies of the sound. It is a true new-concept speaker with the broad frequency, high output, low distortion and point sound source (coaxial medium- and high-frequency point sound source and branch manifold point sound source).
       This is a speaker technology with an all-new concept that has been created with the basic principle of the speakers in the past decades, and driven the speaker industry to go ahead by half a century without doubt. It is a milestone in the history of speakers. 
       With the robust support of the aforesaid technical principle and technical realization, the TICO engineers have selected Renkus-Heinz speakers produced by Renkus-Heinz. The TRC51 speaker has systematically and perfectly resolved the public address issue of the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall with the high-mix environment. Meanwhile, it has also effectively guaranteed the vocal clarity (MTI/STI) in the model area of the exhibition hall.
       Project Information Source: TICO

     RH-TRX Inactive Serial Speaker 
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